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Apollo SOFTWARE is dedicated to bringing you the best in app and game development for mobile and standalone platforms. We have dozens of games and apps in the various digital stores!

Our meticulously crafted apps bring need and function to a increasingly streamlined world. Whether your platform is iPhone or Android, the distinct look, feel and function of our apps have an undeniable look and aesthetic.

Entertainment and pleasure are our priority when it comes to gaming. Using different gaming engines, we bring you the latest and greatest envelope pushing gameplay to your mobile and standalone devices! Embark on different journies, or simply cuddle up next to the fireplace and play one of our dozens of titles.

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We understand that the essence of good software comes from good design, and tireless effort. We pride ourselves in cutting edge, and industry leading technologies to carry us into the millenium and beyond.

About Us

Apollo SOFTWARE is an international software development company based in Northern California, the heart of the Silicon Valley. We create apps & games for iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle, Windows Phone & numerous other platforms.

With over 100+ apps & games in various App Stores and Markets, we take pride in our software. We design our software with meticulous detail and persevere to bring you visually stunning, and efficiently designed that bring to you function while not sacrificing aesthetics.

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